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LED outdoor floodlights. Characteristics, uses and recommendations

LED Outdoor Flood lights are a very common product when it comes to lighting outdoor areas, gardens, facades.

Flood Light Types

  • LED Flood Lights BRICO: These LED Flood Lights are used for point ignitions of no more than 4 hours / day. Available in various powers from 10W to 50W. They are the ideal product when we want a product with a low price and for a punctual use.
  • Led Flood Lights SMD: This type of Flood Lights are widely used when you want to make more continuous and prolonged use throughout the day. Highly recommended for lighting from 4 hours / day to 8 hours / day. They are available in a multitude of powers, being able to find spotlights from 10W to 200W.
  • Led Flood Lights PRO: Within this range we can find LED Flood Lights recommended for ignitions of more than 8 hours. They have an efficient design in terms of heat dissipation and a static design that make them suitable for installation. Available in versions from 10 to 400W.

Uses of Outdoor LED Flood Lights

This type of Flood Lights can be used in many places. The most common are usually those intended for lighting outdoor posters. They are also used for lighting large areas such as parking garages or storage areas.

In the sporting field, spotlights are used in the lighting of sports courts, tennis courts, providing a better illumination than that obtained by the old spotlights used.

Shades of Flood Lights Projectors

Monocolor: This type of Flood Lights are the most common we can find and that are usually installed. Available in the three shades of white (warm, neutral and cold), one tonality or another is usually recommended depending on the use to which it is going to be used.

RGB: With the introduction of the LEDs, it opened up a big range of possibilities in terms of color shades. With the RGB LED Flood Lights, the customer can choose between the colors red, green and blue. From the combination of the primary colors, you can obtain orange, pink, violet, yellow, cyan and white.