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Outdoor LED Flood Lights PRO Series

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Outdoor LED floodlights for intensive professional use.

The Outdoor LED Flood Lights PRO Series constitute the most professional line of GreenIce, due to the high performance of them.

They provide the customer with the best quality in terms of performance and lighting. Due to their construction, they withstand high demands, guaranteeing a good heat dissipation at all times, given their degree of protection IP65 and their robust construction.

Despite being able to be used in any situation, the LED Flood Lights of the Pro range are especially suitable for areas where the demand for product performance is highest, such as business, parking or storage areas.

This range of Led Flood Lights is also highly recommended for sporting applications, where high-quality lighting is required and which supports long periods of use. It is common to install it on tennis courts.

It is important to mention the significant savings that these LED Flood Lights provide compared to traditional halogen flood lights, since it is in luminaires of high power where the difference in consumption between LED technology and the rest of the predecessor technologies remains manifest.

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