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E27 LED Bulbs

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The most common screw bulb. Important aspects of a good e27 LED bulb.

The E27 LED Bulb is the most used bulb in all areas where lighting is required. This is due to its great variability of designs, forms and powers available. A great advantage of LED Bulb lights is the reduction of consumption by up to 80%.

A big advantage of Led Bulbs E27 is the reduction of consumption by up to 80%. With a life of 30,000 hours of use, they guarantee a saving that is notorious in the electricity bill.

Led Bulbs E27 can be found in all areas: residential, industrial or commercial.

In GreenIce we have a great variety in our catalog of Led Bulbs E27 of different formats, designs, powers and shades of white (warm white, natural and cold).