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Characteristics and installation method of LED strips 24vdc

Inside the 24 VDC Led strips we can find different versions depending on the type of chip used: SMD5630, SMD2835 and SMD5050.

These strips are marketed in rolls of 5 meters and in the shades of light white light (3000 K), natural (4000 K) and cold (6000 K). They can also be found in the colors of red, green, yellow and blue.

As we indicated, the most common chip types within this category are the SMD 2835, SMD 5050 and SMD 5630, ordered from lowest to highest lighting and consumption.

One very important aspect to keep in mind is that the 24 VDC strips provide more illumination than the 12 VDC strips if we compare both strips using the same type of Led chip. Also note that as less current flows through the strips, they become less heated compared to their 12 VDC sisters.

To put it into operation, we need a transformer that will vary. depending on the type of strip used and the power of it. As a recommendation for your installation, we recommend the installation of a maximum of 15 meters to avoid stress drops.

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