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What to know before buying LED tubes?

This category includes all types of commonly used tubes. GreenIce has a wide variety of products in its catalogue, guarantying energy savings, economy and a longer service lifetime. In addition, as it contains no gas, they are environmentally friendly. They are available in all shades of color and in all the measurements of the tubes most used in daily life.

Types of Tubes

Within what we understand by tubes, there are many types, and can always be classified according to the type of bushing used. The most common are:

  • Tubes T8: They are the most used in the world of lighting. They can be installed in all kinds of places due to their functionality, although the most common applications are those for industrial use and garages.
  • Tubes T5: This type of tubes is a variation of the T8 tubes. Due to their narrower morphology they make them the right choice to install in places where a lot of space is not required.
  • Tubes 2G11: This type of tubes is characterized by having 4 pins instead of 2. This type of tubes is widely used in kitchens and industrial use.
  • G10q tubes: Not many customers will know about the nomenclature. With this denomination we refer to the circular tubes. This type of tubes is widely used in kitchens due to its circular morphology that distributes light 360 °. ul>

Parts of a LED tube

The LED tube, it's composed mainly of three parts, these being:

  • Connections: The connection of the LED tubes is done by means of pins just like the previous fluorescent tubes. They are what transmit the electric current to the tube for lighting to occur.
  • Diffuser: This can be made of polycarbonate or glass. LED tubes usually with polycarbonate diffuser as they are more resistant to shock and diffuse light better. They can also be with opal or transparent diffuser in some products depending on the customer's choice.
  • Heatsink: This element is going to manage the heat that occurs during the start-up of the tube. In the market we can find tubes with aluminum diffuser (they are the most common) or with a thermistorizing paste that helps to eliminate the heat produced during the start-up.

Equivalence tubes T8 strong>

As we have commented previously, the T8 tubes are the most used. Below, we present a table indicating the replacements of the old fluorescent tubes to LED tubes.