LED Components 

  • High Power LEDs
    High power LEDs feature a high power solution for LED floodlights and spotlights where high brightness lighting is desired occupying a small space. For this type of modules it is necessary to use a suitable driver that guarantees the illumination and the service lifetime of these modules.
  • COB High Power
  • LED Modules
  • High Range Components
    High Range Components encompass not only LED Modules and Drivers but also Mechatronix Heat Sinks constructed with high quality components, designed for intensive use and high demands.
  • LED Drivers
    These electronic circuits are used to power LEDs, regulating the voltage levels and the appropriate current so that the service lifetime of the LEDs is not affected. They are divided into both Integrated Drivers and Downlight-Floodlight Drivers categories.
  • Optics for LEDs