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Movement Detectors

What do we mean by motion detectors?

We call motion sensor all those products that incorporate a motion detector, which allows that the light of our luminaries only activate when movement or presence is detected within the scope of the detector.

There are different types of motion detectors, depending on the technology used:

Detector types

Two main types can be found as a function of the working wavelength.

  • Infrared (IR): This type of detectors bases its operation on the concept that all bodies emit heat (thermal radiation) depending on the temperature they have. Due to this principle, this type of detectors are the most suitable for the detection of people.
  • Radiofrequency (RF): These are based on the emission / reception of radio waves. This type of detectors are very sensitive, so you have to take into account in place of the installation as it can cross walls and have a constant operation.

Twilight detection

These detectors measure the luminous intensity of the environment and send a signal when the value of illumination is lower than a previously established pattern. For example, if we have it restricted to a maximum of 50 Lux (Night), when the luminosity falls below this value, it will close. the circuit and it will be sent one to the lighting system to which it is; connected. On the contrary, if we have it restricted to a minimum of 50 Lux (of day), if this is exceeded, number of luxes, the circuit opens and the signal is deactivated, the combination will be perfect.