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Very simple installation of 220vac LED strips.

The 220 VAC LED strips are connected directly to the power grid by means of a plug thus facilitating the installation to the end user. In our catalog we have a great variety of different power and shades strips (monochrome or RGB). In addition, we have in our catalog, LED strings widely used for decorative and / or festive applications.

All 220 VAC strips have an IP65 protection, which makes them suitable for outdoor installation, although they can also be installed indoors.

For the installation of LED 220 VAC strips, a connector plug is necessary to be able to use them with the operating voltage of the electrical network. In the case of the RGB strips, a controller plug is necessary to be able, in addition to connecting to the electrical network, changing the color sequence to taste.

These LED 220 VAC strips are available in both 50 or 100 meter coils (depending on the model) and in single meters. It is important to take into account when handling the strip, it must be taken into account that the cuts can only be made in exact measurements of 1 meter, since if this measure is not respected the strip will not work. .

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