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Different uses and possibilities of LED hoses

NeonFlex hoses are a variant of the 220 VAC strips. They have a PVC coating that improves the lighting efficiency. Being flexible, it is very simple to install and some of its possible uses are to create corners, curves, letters, logos and any other application where neon glass tubes were installed. There is also a 24 VDC NeonFlex version.

In the Flex Neon LED hoses that are directly connected to the electrical network, we can find two versions:

  • The first one is the standard version that is provided by illumination on the front side.
  • The second version is the so-called lateral emission. In this last case the lighting is provided by both sides (left and right), leaving the top and bottom part totally opaque.

For the connection of both versions it is essential to use the connector plug with its corresponding spike to connect the hoses to the electrical network.