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Square and Rectangular LED Recessed Downlights

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Rectangular LED downlight. A perfect recessed solution.

The Square and Rectangular LED Recessed Downlights are LED luminaires whose recessed installation is made in all types of ceiling, provided that there is an opening in it for installation.

These ceiling downlights are ideal to replace the old halide spotlights when the cutting diameter is the same, a factor of great importance and that must be taken into account in your installation.

GreenIce has a wide range of Square and Rectangular LED Recessed Downlights, with rectangular and square shaped luminaires, in different powers and sizes, as well as addressable downlights, whose illumination can be directed, and Kardan type, whose use is very frequent in clothing stores.

These bulbs are perfectly designed for private uses in homes and residential uses, as for professional use, as all kinds of shops, restaurants .