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Installation Material & LED Components

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What do we understand by LED components?

It includes all the installation material in terms of automation such as power outlets, battens, switches, switchgears, dimmers, door bells, and the most common components for installations allowing the costumer to build its own designs or to get spare parts such as COB High Power, High Power LEDs, High Range components and LED drivers.

We consider Led components to all the necessary elements to be able to assemble LED modules with all their components and 100% operative. The main parts for the assembly of LED modules are:

  • Heatsink: It is a vital component in this type of facility since it is responsible for dissipating heat. This type of modules provide a large amount of light in a very small space. In this way, heat dissipation is a vital factor since, if an adequate dissipation is not carried out, the life of the LED module can be compromised. As for ventilation, it can be natural or forced ventilation (aided by a fan like those used in computers).
  • Driver: Also known as a power source. It is responsible for providing the voltage and amperage necessary to operate the module. It is very important to know these parcels since they are not like other products that work at 12/24 VDC. If a mistake is made in the feeding of this type of modules, it is very likely that it will occur in.
  • Module: Normally this type of modules is usually of the COB (Chip on Board) technology. These provide a greater amount of illumination with the same consumption as the SMD type chips. It is the main component of an installation, since it is in charge of providing the illumination. As mentioned earlier, this type of modules get hot because they provide a large amount of light in a very small space.
  • Lens: This component, however simple it may seem, is responsible for making the lighting provided by it have a larger or smaller aperture angle depending on the choice of the lighting. client.

Installation material

Within this category you can include the simplest elements within the electrical installations, being able to find from switches, timbres, strips, etc.