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LED slimline downlights. Features, advantages, applications and everything you need

LED Slimline Downlights are a type of Downlight that employ LED technology to improve the quality of lighting, life, heat dissipation and energy saving.

They are provided with a reflector to concentrate the beam of light in a smaller area avoiding the dispersion of light. In this way a very characteristic and differentiated lighting is achieved. Unlike the Downlight Spotlights, the LED Slimline Downlights, as its name suggests, have a very narrow thickness, which provides the possibility of being installed in places where space is not very high, unlike the standard downlights.

In GreenIce we have two versions of LED Slimline Downlights, differentiating them according to their shape: the first consists of the downlight plate with a circular shape and the second square shape. In both cases, the Slimline Downlights are available in a variety of powers and sizes, as well as finishes and designs.

Its easy installation makes it the right product for the replacement of obsolete downlights with a PLC type bulb (or G24 depending on its socket). The energy consumption of these products is 70% lower compared to traditional technologies, which will guarantee a saving more than substantial in the electricity bill.

This type of luminaire is perfect both for a domestic or professional use, since, in addition to the excellent performance and beautiful design, they provide a great durability, counting with a life of the product exceeding 30,000 hours .

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