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Characteristics and types of LED downlights

Downlights LED recessed downlights are luminaires whose installation is executed by placing the luminaires in the ceiling openings.

The most usual use is usually as a substitute to the old halogen or G24 lamps. For this, it is important to make sure that the cut diameter is the same.

In GreenIce we have LED downlights with rectangular, square and circular shapes, these being the most demanded. There are traditional models with white or null body, addressable, anti-flicker... all of them in very varied powers and measures.

It is important to highlight the versatility of the use of Led Downlight Spotlights. These indoor ceiling luminaires can be perfectly installed both in homes and private homes of all kinds, as in commercial establishments, or shops and restaurants. Thanks to their design, they mimic the aesthetics of the old fixtures, so the static change with respect to the old fixtures will be clearly to better.

Note that this model of Led luminaire provides a saving of up to 80% compared to traditional halogen downlights.