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Circular LED Slimline Downlights

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The ideal substitute for traditional metal halide bulbs in the home, businesses and stores.

The Circular LED Slimline Downlights use LED technology to improve lighting quality, service lifetime, heat dissipation and energy savings. They are designed for commercial, industrial and residential installations. Circular in shape, they are ideal to replace the old Downlights with the same cutting diameter.

With a very small thickness (hence the name Slimline), this product takes advantage of advances in LED technology to reduce consumption.

The reflector with which they are built avoids the dispersion of the beam of light, achieving a more focused illumination. Also, its close construction allows a greater dissipation of heat.

At GreenIce we have a wide variety of models of Circular LED Slimline Downlights for use in different and totally different environments: we have plates with a frame in white or silver, for areas in which an elegant design and discreet is the most important, plates with colored frames, which can be placed in more youthful rooms or in areas to give a lot of personality to the lighting.

The installation of this product is characterized by its simplicity, it being necessary to simply have the opening in the ceiling where the luminaire will go. built-in Also, the product includes the drive or transformer necessary for its operation.

In our catalog you can find Circular LED Slimline Downlights with circular shape in many measures and powers, from the most common in the market, at least.

This product is perfect for both domestic and professional use, adapting perfectly to the design of any room in the home (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms), as well as offices, shops, etc. It's also available in various shades of light (Cold White, Warm, Neutral). Also, its long useful life is a guarantee of durability and savings.

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