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Uses, characteristics and installation of LED panels

LED Panels are products designed for residential, commercial and industrial use, in order to be able to replace the previously used LED tube panels. Not only can they be installed in suspended ceilings and walls but also they can be hung from the roof. Its design creates a modern environment, ensuring greater efficiency than fluorescent tubes.

This product constitutes the natural evolution of the panels of 595 mm x 595 mm, formed by fluorescent tubes that were previously installed. The measurements of this product are 595 mm x 595 mm, which coincides perfectly with the size left by the plots of this type of roof. The assembly is really simple, because it consists simply in letting it fall, being subject to the slats that make the parcelling.

But its installation is not only limited to parcel roof, but there are different alternatives to be able to install on the surface. At a minimum, there are 3 mounting alternatives for these panels:

  • Suspension Kit: Used when you wish to move the light point down vertically, so that we enhance the lighting provided by this product. This type of assembly is usually used in industrial buildings where the height of the roof is considerable and you want to avoid installing industrial bells.
  • Installation Framework: This type of installation is used when you want to do a superficial assembly and you want to give a static touch to the installation. With this frame we can install the LED panel on the surface and hide the driver in the gap between the ceiling and the panel.
  • Surface Mount Kit: It is the most economic option. They are metallic staples that displace 4 centimeter Led panel of the ceiling and that allows to install it on the surface.

But the Led Panels are not available in the measurements of 595 mm x 595 mm. In GreenIce we also have panels in different sizes, such as 300 mm x 300 mm, 300 mm x 600 mm, etc.

In GreenIce we have a wide variety of panels, being able to find different sizes, finishes, and even shades of light, because we have RGB Led Panels. We also have all the necessary accessories for your installation.